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Parent Councils

Parent Councils

All parents and carers of pupils enrolled in a school are, automatically, members of that school's Parent Forum. The Parent Forum has the authority to set up a Parent Council and all schools in Clackmannanshire now have a Parent Council.

What is a Parent Council?

Parents decide the priorities for the Parent Council and how it will work within the four broad areas of responsibility laid down by the Parental Involvement Act. These require each Parent Council to:

  • support the school in its work with pupils
  • represent the views of all parents
  • encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community
  • report back to the Parent Forum.

Parent Councils can also have a role in the appointment of headteachers and depute headteachers.

Every school's Parent Council is different because the parents in each school decide such things as:

  • how their Council will be set up
  • what it should be called
  • what size it should be - e.g. in a very small primary school, all parents could be involved
  • who should be a member of the Parent Council
  • how they should be appointed
  • what's the most convenient time to hold meetings
  • what will be discussed at meetings - these might be topics such as school uniform, parking near the school, the school's anti-bullying policy, etc.

Members of the Parent Council must be parents of children who attend the school and the chairperson must have a child in the school. However, the Parent Council can decide to co-opt other members from teachers and the community who will have knowledge and skills to help them.

Information pack

This packis designed to answer some of the questions you may have about Parent Councils and help you to make your Parent Council work well.

If you have been involved with a School Board or PTA before, some of this information may be familiar to you, but there will also be some new ideas that will help you develop your Parent Council.

If this is your first time on a parent group this will give you some basic information and quickly help you take part in discussions and decision making.

Parent Councils in Clackmannanshire Schools

Clackmannanshire and Stirling Education Service has a Parental Involvement Strategy and meets regularly with parent council members to support their work.

For information on which schools in Clackmannanshire have Parent Councils in place, you can visit our page entitled Parent Councils in Clackmannanshire Schools.

Several school websites include details of the work that their Parent Councils have been doing. This is very varied and includes fund raising, running sports and arts activities and getting involved in supporting health promotion and eco-school activities.

What does the Law say?

The main aims of the Parental Involvement Act are to:

  • help parents become more involved with their child's education and learning
  • welcome parents as active participants in the life of the school
  • provide easier ways for parents to express their views and wishes.

To help achieve these aims, all parents and carers of enrolled pupils are automatically members of the Parent Forum at their child's school and are entitled to have a say in what happens at the school.

What does being a member of the Parent Forum mean?

As a member, you can expect to:

  • get information about what your child is learning
  • get information about events and activities at the school
  • get advice/help on how you can support your child's learning
  • be told about opportunities to be involved in the school
  • have a say in selecting a Parent Council to work on behalf of all parents at your school.

Where can I get more information?

You can find out more about Parent Councils through your local school, through links on this website to Parent Councils in Clackmannanshire.

You can also find more information about parents as partners in children's learning, or any aspect of Scottish education through the Parentzone website, through Engage for Education and through the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS).

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