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Latest News

Latest News

Missing parcel

Created: 10/5/21

A parcel containing algebra tiles was signed for by an L Crowther at 1008 on 10th April, but to date has not been forwarded to Education. If this person works in your service, can you please follow-up and make contact with

Kilncraigs car park

Created: 7/5/21 

White lining work is taking place in the car park to the rear of Kilncraigs this weekend in connection with the police integration project. All cars should be moved from this area to allow this work to take place.

Mental Health Awareness Week - 10th to 16th May

Created: 6/5/21 

Next week - 10th to 16th May - is Mental Health Awareness Week, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health. 

This year, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is "Nature". The call is for all of us to connect with the natural world and experience the mental health benefits wherever we live.

Research by the Mental Health Foundation shows that "good mental health depends on us being able to connect with nature in some way and its power in both prevention of and recovery from poor mental health". 

Some of the ways you connect with nature and participate in Mental Health Awareness Week:

  • Make a habit each day of connecting to the nature in your local area
  • Stop to listen to the birdsong, smell the freshly cut grass, notice the trees, flowers or animals and the landscape, and take a moment to appreciate these connections.
  • Invest in some house plants.
  • Share images/videos/or just sound recordings of the nature on your doorstep (and how this made you feel) on social media using #ConnectWithNature and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

You can find more information on the Mental Health Foundation's website

Managers' Briefing - important reminders

Created: 5/5/21

Shielding staff

All staff who are on the official shielding list should have received a letter from the Chief Medical Officer in the last couple of weeks to confirm advice for them.  In most cases they should be able to return to the workplace, although the default for all staff is still to work from home where possible.  All these staff should have an individual risk assessment, and it will only need updated if there has been a change in the employee's health or the work they are expected to undertake.

Meeting rooms

All meeting rooms have signage showing the number of people who can safely be in the space.  This is also available on the booking system when you are booking a room.  Please ensure that these are adhered to.  The small rooms on the 3rd floor should only be used by one individual at a time.  Please also ensure that you clean down any meeting space after every use.


Staff should email to confirm when they have had their Covid vaccinations. Remember that the vaccination may offer you some protection, but you will still be able to carry the virus to others, so you must continue to follow the full FACTS guidance.

Covid Testing

Lateral Flow Testing is now available to all members of the community. You should not use this route if you already have access to testing through your workplace (eg Education and Social Care staff).  Please note the following important points:

  • LFD Testing can only be used when you do not have symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should request book a PCR test via NHS Inform.
  • A negative LFD test is not a guarantee that you do not have Covid.  You must continue to follow the full FACTS guidance at all times.
DSE Assessments

All staff who are working from home should have completed a DSE Self Assessment form, even if they are doing this as part of a blended approach.  Managers are responsible for ensuring that all employees have the equipment they need to work from home safely.  A copy of each assessment should be sent to

Staff numbers in the workplace

Finally, a reminder that there should be no increase in services and/or numbers attending the workplace without a plan being agreed by SLG. The expectation is that most staff will remain working from home until at least the end of June.

Staff encouraged to "roll up their sleeves" for vaccine campaign 

Created: 27/4/21

Many of our staff have already received their first and second doses of the vaccine and over the coming weeks, more will be offered the vaccine as NHS Forth Valley focuses on the 45-49-year-old age group.

While the vaccine is not mandatory, NHS Scotland strongly recommends that you get the vaccine as soon as it is offered.

When you are invited for your vaccine, you will be able to take time off, if required, to travel to and from the vaccine centre.

You should follow the guidance offered post-vaccination by the vaccination teams and any other medical advice.

You will find more information about the vaccine on NHS Inform’s website and we would encourage you to go on to the website and familiarise yourself with all the information available.  

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your manager in the first instance.

Phased Resumption of Leisure, Library and Face to Face Payment Services

Created: 23/4/21

Please refer to our latest information page for updates on the phased resumption of some council services.

Message from SLG - Staff should continue to work from home where possible

Created: 22/4/21

Please refer to our SLG Messages page for details.

Resilience Learning Partnership jobs

Created: 21/4/21

Please see below three roles available at Resilience Learning Partnership. The vacancies are now live on

Mandatory training

Created: 20/4/21

From Wednesday 21 April all staff will be able to access the 2021/22 suite of mandatory training.

Mandatory training is the minimum standard of training expected for all staff at Clackmannanshire Council, and covers topics such as equality and diversity, data protection, and health and safety. It’s important that you complete this training every year. Even if it’s just a refresher, it is a crucial part of keeping you informed, healthy, and safe at your place of work.

Our mandatory training courses are designed to be quick, and give you the information you need to know. The table below outlines the length of time each course should take to complete:

  • An introduction to GDPR - 20mins
  • DSE - 10 mins
  • Equality & Diversity - 15mins
  • Fire Safety Awareness - 20mins
  • Introduction to Information Security - 20mins
  • Prevent - 10mins
  • Run, Hide, Tell - 10mins

Following recent feedback we have extended the period of time given to staff to complete mandatory training. This year, there will be a 12 week window where all staff should complete their online training. The deadline for completion is the 20th July 2021. In order to simplify the process for completion, we would urge managers to allocate staff time to complete this training.

Staff can access all mandatory training via the Clacks Academy portal. You can find out more about Clacks Academy via our Connect page. Remember, the Academy is not just for those using Council IT systems, please follow the link to the portal.

If you are having trouble accessing the Clacks Academy, or have any questions about mandatory training, please email

Fleet Service Schedule - May

Created: 16/4/20

The Fleet service schedule for May is available via Connect.

Connect navigation: Home page -> click on Latest News

Warning over scam targeting care home staff and residents

Created: 16/4/21

We have been made aware of a scam which is apparently targeting care home staff and residents - and possibly others - being asked to provide details in response to the "UK Government offering staff and residents £500". Scottish Care is currently alerting its members and we would ask that you remain vigilant.

Health and social care staff on the frontline throughout the Covid pandemic have been offered a one-off £500 pro rata payment by the Scottish Government. You can find more details about this on our Social Services updates page.

Scottish Government announcement

Created: 16/4/21

The Scottish Government announced on Tuesday that from Friday, 16th April travel restrictions will be lifted and more people will be allowed to meet in groups of up to six adults from six households in outdoor settings.

In addition, people will also be permitted to travel across Scotland as long as they do not stay overnight.

At this time, in line with Government guidance, those staff who can/are working from home are asked to continue with their current working arrangements. We will, over the coming weeks, be looking at longer term working arrangements for staff and will issue further guidance soon.

Staff Survey results - message from SLG

Created: 15/4/21

The Staff Engagement Survey took place in November 2020 as part of our commitment to carry out regular reviews of staff views and opinions.

The survey, which was anonymous, focused on three areas:

  • wellbeing
  • communication
  • homeworking

We want firstly to thank all those staff that took the time to complete the survey.  It was really positive to see that staff engagement had improved on the previous year’s survey and that over 80% of those responding were aware of the Council’s vision and values.

Feedback was positive when it came to staff feeling a sense of achievement for the work they are undertaking, being treated with dignity and respect, making decisions, and receiving support from managers. At least three quarters of staff responding to the survey had a positive view on these areas.

However we also have to recognise that  the survey picked up that improvement is needed in some areas such as staff feeling supported and better  information sharing.

The survey also highlighted that mental wellbeing of staff continues to be an area of focus for us, whilst 50% responded noted their mental health as being  good or very good, a similar amount described their wellbeing and mental health as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’.   

Staff also had the opportunity to provide feedback and a range of comments were also received which focus on how the Council could further support working from home, as well as more generally in relation to such topics such as access to technology, communication, and improving wellbeing.

As we continue to follow the Scottish Government timetable for easing restrictions and gradually move out of lockdown, the results of the survey and the feedback from staff on their experiences of remote working and wellbeing during lockdown will help inform any arrangements we put in place.

SMT are already taking forward some work on work styles and needs and will be engaging with staff and unions as this progresses. Local circumstances around cases will also still have to be factored in to any plans. The main thing is that we don’t just return to everything the way it was, and take stock of our changing lives and circumstances, as well as the changing needs of the communities we serve.

In the meantime, we will still follow all guidance and health and safety measures to ensure that staff remain safe and our buildings remain Covid secure.

A survey working group, which will include our trade union colleagues, will be set up to consider the findings of the survey and the comments received and outputs will feed in to our ongoing Workforce Programme.

You can find a link to the full results of the survey in the Council paper of 22 April.

Best wishes

Nikki, Lorraine, Stuart, Pete and Fiona

Stress Awareness Month - upcoming webinars

Created: 14/4/21

As part of Stress Awareness Month, two webinars have been arranged which will highlight the causes and effects of stress, and equip participants with simple strategies to help reduce or manage our stress levels.

The first was held on Monday 26th April on the topic of managing stress mindfully, and the second will be held on Tuesday 11th May on the topic of looking after ourselves in stressful times. Microsoft Teams links to follow.

For more information and other resources that could help in identifying the causes of stress and some useful coping strategies, check out our Stress Awareness Month page.

Melanie Moore

Created: 14/4/21

Please refer to Connect for this article.

Be the Bridge between talent and possibilities - Mentor with MCR Pathways

Created: 9/4/21

MCR Pathways in partnership with Education invite you to join us at our short virtual info session on Wednesday 28th April at 12 noon. To join this Teams session, please use the following link, ID etc:

Together we hope to reach more young people whose circumstances or experiences have made it harder for them to focus in school or build aspirations for the future. We want to support more young people with a mentor who’s there just for them.

Mentors meet with their young person weekly during school term for one hour a week, over a year or more. With lockdown restrictions still in place, meetings have been taking place virtually but, when it’s safe to do so, mentoring will resume in school. The consistent support and encouragement of a mentor helps young people ensure that their futures are determined by their talents and never by their circumstances.

MCR’s Young Clackmannanshire Talent programme currently operates in Alva Academy, Lornshill Academy, Alloa Academy and Secondary Support School Service and we are keen to support staff to get involved.

If you can't attend but want to find out more, please register your interest via the MCR Pathways website. There are stories and stats that demonstrate the impact of MCR Pathways on young people, mentors and Scotland.

Have Your Say on Regional Transport Strategy

Created: 9/4/21

Clackmannanshire Council is one of the eight local authorities who make up the statutory South East of Scotland Regional Transport Partnership. (SEStran).

SEStran is developing a new Regional Transport Strategy (RTS). The RTS will set out a clear framework for how transport will be provided, developed and improved to meet the needs and aspirations for a sustainable, economically active region over the next 10 years.

Whether you walk, wheel, cycle, use public transport or drive, you can share your travel story and help shape the future of transport and travel by completing the short survey

Survey closes at midnight Monday 19 April.

Leisure and Wellbeing in Clackmannanshire

Created: 9/4/21

Clackmannanshire residents are being encouraged to give their views on current and future leisure and wellbeing provision as part of a review being carried out by the Clackmannanshire Alliance.

The online survey is part of the Sport and Active Living Framework Vision and Ambition for Clackmannanshire.  This is focused on delivering modern and sustainable leisure and wellbeing facilities in Clackmannanshire, including an option for a modern swimming pool.

Employers Liability Certificate 2021/22

Created: 1/4/21

The Employers Liability Insurance Certificate for 2021/22 is available via Connect. This certificate can be printed off/distributed for display in all council buildings.

Connect navigation: Home page -> Documents & Forms -> News -> Employers Liability Certificate 2021/22


HR & Payroll Deadlines 2021/22

Created: 1/4/21

The HR and Payroll deadlines for 2021/22 are available via Connect.

(Connect navigation: Home page -> Documents & Forms -> Service Areas -> Payroll -> HR & Payroll Deadlines 2021/22)


New Accident reporting system

Created: 1/4/21

From 1st April we will be moving to a new way of reporting accidents, near misses and violence and aggression. This is the first step in a wider transformation of all our Health & Safety processes.

Any employee will be able to access the mobile portal from any web enabled device or using the mobile app.

There are 5 types of submissions which can be made:

  • Hazards
    • Use when you spot something which could cause harm, but there hasn't been an incident which has brought it to light.
  • Near Miss
    • Use when something happens which could have caused harm, but didn't on this occasion.
  • First Aid
    • Use to report occasions where first aid has been required but there was no real incident, so where a member of the public has taken unwell, or a school pupil has tripped over their shoelaces.
  • Incident/Accident
    • Use where someone or something has been harmed as a result of something happening.
  • Violence/Aggression
    • Use when there is verbal abuse, threatening behaviour or a physical attack on someone.

These replace the paper forms currently in use. If you have any questions about the new system, please contact the H&S team on x2225.

2021/22 Post Budget Cascade

Created: 31/3/21

The 2021/22 Post Budget Cascade from Lindsay Sim, Chief Finance Officer is available via the link given.

Living Wage

Created: 31/3/21

Consolidation of the Scottish Government Living Wage - Joint Statement Council and Trade Unions

As staff will recall, over a number of months, senior officers and Trade Unions have been consulting on the consolidation of the Living Wage into our pay structure.  Our discussions have focused on the proposal that:

  • Grade 1 would become the Scottish Living Wage
  • Grade 2 would be uplifted and become a single salary point ie spinal point 22 (Currently £9.90)
  • Grade 3 would become a single point and be fixed at the current maximum spinal point of the grade ie spinal point 24 (Currently £10.19)

We are pleased to advise that following positive and constructive engagement we have reached agreement on the proposal and this will take effect from 01 April 2021. Our payroll and HR sections will now work on updating their systems to ensure these changes are reflected in the April salary payment.

In addition, as staff may be aware, negotiations are taking place, at a National Level, on the proposed pay award for 2021/2022. As these discussions are ongoing we are aware that the Real Living Wage has been increased to £9.50.

We are pleased to advise that the Senior Leadership Group have agreed, that from 01 April 2021 they will uplift Grade 1 to £9.50 to reflect this change. Any changes to the Scottish Local Government Living Wage will be reflected/backdated when pay negotiations for this year are concluded.

Our new salary scales (pay award pending) are available via Connect.

(Connect navigation: Home page -> Documents & Forms -> HR folder -> Benefits & Allowances -> Salary Scales 2018-21)

Should staff have any queries on the consolidation of the living wage they should contact their HR Business Partner or Trade Union representative.


Complaints Handling Procedure changes

Created: 31/3/21

There will be some changes to our complaints handling procedure (CHP) from 1st April. This is to ensure that we continue to comply with the Model CHP provided by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO).

What is changing?

Most of the process is the same as before, with the following more significant changes:

  • All services are now subject to the same timescales at stage 1 (frontline response), so the extension period for Social Services has reduced from 10 days to 5;
  • When we can reach agreement with the customer on what action (if any) will be taken to provide full and final resolution, a complaint can be recorded as “resolved”, without deciding whether the complaint is upheld or not upheld.   
  • The points of complaint and outcome sought must be agreed with the complainant at the start of stage 2 (investigation).
  • There is now a time limit for customers who wish to escalate their complaint to stage 2. They must request this either within six months from when they first knew of the problem; or within two months from receiving the stage 1 response (if this is later).
  • We must share relevant parts of a complaint and response with any staff members complained about.
  • Where a complaint is brought by an MP/MSP, we must handle it in line with the CHP and avoid operating a two-tier system.

A short video explaining the changes has been posted on Clacks Academy via Connect, under Improving Customer Service, Customer Service Microlearn courses. It can also be found on YouTube.

New guides for staff and customers are available to refer to.

Year End Timetable

Created: 30/3/21

The annual Statement of Accounts has to be submitted to Council and the External Auditors by 30 June.

For the 2020/21 Statement of Accounts, the Year End Timetable (via Connect) gives the final dates for completion of tasks and the required information to be provided to Accountancy including, order processing, goods receipting, invoicing, service accruals, stock, bank reconciliations, Council Tax and NDR processes etc.

Adherence with these deadlines will ensure that all necessary work is undertaken and all accounting information is properly recorded and included in the Statement of Accounts.

If you have any questions or if you foresee any difficulties in meeting the set deadlines please contact your Accountancy support.

As always I am very appreciative of your support in this task.

Lindsay Sim
Chief Finance Officer

(Connect navigation: Documents & Forms -> Service Areas -> Finance -> Year End Timetable)

Update for Staff who are Shielding 

Created: 23/3/21

The Shielding section of the Staff FAQs has been updated with the latest information and advice from the Chief Medical Officer which includes information about staff members on the shielding list continung to work from home if they can when all areas move to level 3 from 26th April.

If you were/are on the shielding list, you will have received a letter from the Chief Medical Officer with this information. You can read more in the Shielding section of our Staff FAQs.

Deadline to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

Created: 18/3/21

The deadline to apply to the EUSS is 30 June 2021.

If you are an EU citizen or you have service users who are EU citizens and may not have applied to the EUSS yet, you can find more information on where to get help and support on our Brexit - information for employees page on Connect, the link to which can also be found on the home page.

Budget Cascade Briefing - March 2021

Created: 17/3/21

Covid-19 is the most significant public health emergency that the UK has faced in a generation. We have played a critical role in seeking to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 at a local level.

We have worked collaboratively with our partners to protect and support the most vulnerable in our communities in line with Scottish Government and Public Health (Scotland) advice.

We are due to consider our Budget for 2021/22 on 24 March 2021. The full paper is available by following the link.

The Covid-19 pandemic and our role in supporting the response and recovery is the context in which our budget is being set for 2021/22. 

Just as it has significantly influenced how the Council has delivered services to our communities over the last 12 months, the pandemic has also significantly influenced the policy priorities embedded within our budget for 2021/22 onwards.

Our budget meeting has been scheduled later to allow for both the UK and Scottish Governments' Budget announcements to be ratified.

To facilitate this later date, and in order to comply with statutory timescales in respect of housing rent and council tax setting, we separated these decisions from the full budget and set our housing rent and council tax levels at Council meetings held on the 11 February and 4 March respectively. At both meetings, it was agreed to freeze housing rent and Council tax levels for 2020/21. This means Council Tax for a Band D property will remain at £1,304.63.

Budget setting remains a challenge for all public sector bodies particularly within the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic alongside already  increasing needs, demand and demographic pressures as well as new responsibilities.

Local context

In Clackmannanshire, the Council has already approved £51m of savings since 2011.

The 2021/22 budget builds on the significant work over the last three years, both politically and managerially, in respect of our financial planning and service delivery approaches.

This budget aims to implement additional capacity agreed by Council in the lead up to the budget and sets out ambitious plans for transformation

The consultation process for Budget setting for 2021/22 was streamlined. The general consultation focussed on potential for a 2% increase in the rate of  fees and charges under the direct influence of the Council.

More targeted consultation is now taken forward with affected stakeholders and communities of interest on a year round basis.

Engagement with trade union representatives has continued on similar lines to previous years and mirrors the engagement with elected members.

General Headlines

The proposed Budget is balanced (this is a legal requirement) and focuses on key themes of Wellbeing and economic recovery.

It proposes savings of £2.126m which are made up of management efficiencies (£1.799m) and policy savings (£0.038m) as well as savings as a result of previously approved transformation projects (£0.289m).

The Budget also provides funding to support the investment required to deliver our planned Transformation set out in our Be the Future (BtF) Programme which covers General Fund, Housing Revenue Account and the Health and Social Care Partnership.

You will be able to read more about our bold and ambitious BtF Programme in Appendix A of the Council report. It is a 10 year plan linked to capital investment, City Region Deal proposals and sets an innovative direction for delivery of public services in the future.

Priority will be placed on collaborative approaches both with other public sector partners and also with national and local governments and agencies.

It also provides investment in additional capacity to embed Community Wealth Building in the Council’s culture and processes.

Significant work has been undertaken with respect of the Council’s Capital programme which sets out £255 million of capital investment over the next 20 years, with investment accelerated in the first half of the Programme to stimulate economic recovery locally and regionally

Further information
  • A further briefing will be issued following the Council’s Budget meeting.
  • Keep an eye on our Keeping Staff Connected pages for updates.
  • Contact your Service Manager if you have any questions.

Nikki Bridle
Chief Executive

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - £500 payment for health and social care staff 

Created: 16/3/21

The Scottish Government announced on 30 November 2020 a one-off £500 pro rata payment for health and social care staff on the frontline throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  

It is a thank you to staff employed in adult social care and children’s residential care. Scottish Government Ministers wish to recognise the extraordinary effort that health and social care staff have made during the pandemic. 

Further information on the payment is available via our Social Services Updates page.

Fleet Service Schedule - April

Created: 16/3/21

The Fleet service schedule for April is available via Connect home page under Latest News.

Pre Election Guidance

Created: 15/3/21

The Scottish Parliamentary elections take place on 6th May and the pre-election period begins today (Monday 15th March).

There are certain responsibilities Council staff have in terms of maintaining neutrality at work generally, but particularly in the lead up to an election.

These include:

  • particular care needs to be taken to ensure that any events, publicity or other communications are politically neutral during a pre-election period
  • council facilities and resources should not be used in support of one political campaign to the exclusion of the other
  • it should be assumed that normal council business will continue
  • Council staff should not provide assistance to elected members on matters which relate to campaigning for the election and should refer any requests to their line manager
  • facilities and resources provided by the Council for elected members to carry out their duties should not be used for party political or campaigning activities.

Full guidance can be found on CONNECT . If you have any queries, you should discuss these with your line manager in the first instance.

Promoting Good Conversations

Created: 12/3/21

Following the success of last year's programme, we are pleased to announce the return of our Promoting Good Conversations Programme, with cohorts beginning in late April 2021.

Designed to upskill managers in new ways of working, the Promoting Good Conversations Programme is a management development programme created in collaboration with Forth Valley College. Hosted virtually, you will learn about how to communicate effectively with staff, use technology to get the most from your work, and look after your staff’s mental and physical wellbeing during these challenging times.

The Promoting Good Conversations Programme is open to all those with management responsibilities including Chargehands, Supervisors and first line management (and above). All sessions will be hosted virtually via MS Teams or Zoom, so please make sure you have access to these before signing up.

Cohort dates can be found on Connect intranet, and please don’t delay in signing up as places last year went incredibly quickly. All bookings, or enquiries, can be made by emailing

(Navigation from Connect home page -> Human Resources -> Learning & Development -> Leadership & Management)

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about how to manage effectively in our new working environment, so don’t delay in getting involved.

Renewal of GDPR Drivercheck form – Fleet Services

Created: 11/3/21

It's 3 years since the introduction of GDPR, the EU legislation for data protection, when all drivers had to complete the new D906 fair processing form.

All drivers using council vehicles will now be required to extend permission held by Fleet to check their licence status for a further 3 years.

Fleet Services are required by law to check all authorised drivers’ licences, therefore, a GDPR form will be emailed to staff for completion one month prior to the expiry date of the current permission date. 

For staff with no access to email, a form will be sent to their line manager to arrange completion. All completed forms should be returned to Fleet Services.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact Janice Manson (X 6929) or Kevin Philliben (X 6936).

The Promise to Support Our Care Experienced Children

Created: 5/3/21

The Council has pledged to make ‘The Promise’ to ensure that our families in the care system are listened to and experience a less fractured and bureaucratic system during some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Teams in the People Directorate have begun the work to assess the current position, consider where changes need to be made, and how these might be implemented.  This will include listening to our families, staff and partners, and will be carried out with the support of the The Promise team. This work will be ongoing over the months and years ahead, and progress will be reported to the People committee. Our press release is also available to refer to.

Fleet Services Fuel Card

Created: 4/3/21

Pool and other petrol vehicle users requiring petrol should report to Fleet Services between 8am and 3.30pm, Monday to Thursday and 8am to 12 noon on a Friday.

A Fuel card will be issued for use at a local petrol station eg Tesco, and returned to Fleet Services with the receipt.

Users require to provide the mileage and vehicle registration when refuelling. 

This is a short term arrangement during Covid and further details regarding Fuel cards will be advised in due course.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Janice Manson (extn 6929) or Kevin Philliben (extn 6936).

Staff reminder to continue to follow Covid guidance

Created: 4/3/21

Over the next few months we are looking at services increasing/reopening as national guidance allows us to do more. This will be the first time that this has happened since the new variants of Covid-19 have been in place, so it is very important that we ensure that all measures which have been put in place are reinforced to keep us all safe.  

The main method of keeping people safe is to keep as much distance as possible between people - we recognise that in some cases this is not always possible, but we should still strive to do this as much as possible.  

Where people do need to be closer it is important to keep the numbers mixing as low as possible. Outside the risk is lower, but there is still a need to maintain distance between people.

The other main mitigation will be self isolation of those who are symptomatic or who have tested positive to prevent further spread. For those members of staff who are part of the LFD testing regime, this does not do away with the need to self isolate and get and NHS test if they start to show symptoms.  In either type of test, a negative test only proves that the person did not have it in their system at the time they were tested - people still need to follow the other measures in place.

Vaccinations will also help prevent serious illness, however, again this does not mean that all other measures can be ignored. Remember that staff should be emailing to advise of their appointment dates.

Beyond this the FACTS guidance should be followed:

  • Face coverings 
    • but these only work where they cover both nose and mouth.  Reusable coverings should be washed daily.
  • Avoid crowded places
    • think about when you visit places such as supermarkets.
  • Clean hands
    • with soap and water is best, but use hand sanitiser in situations where you can't.
  • Two meters
    • this is a minimum, not a target to aim for.
  • Self isolate
    • this means not leaving the house except for medical appointments such as a test.

If we all follow this guidance, the end of these restrictions will come sooner as cases numbers will drop.

Online fitness classes for staff

Created: 1/3/21

Sports Development run a number of online fitness classes for staff which are listed in our Wellbeing pages.

Home working and Data Protection obligations

Created: 24/2/21

With many staff continuing to work from home, we would like to remind staff again about our Data Protection obligations in all areas of our work. Please follow the link to our Working from Home section.

Teachers - Summer Retirements

Created: 18/2/21

To allow for the timely payment of members pension benefits, SPPA must receive applications with a retiral date between May and September 2021, no later than three months prior to the date of retiral. This will allow SPPA the necessary time to check records, calculate and authorise the award application in order to put the pension into payment by the due date.

Staff who are intending to retire should ensure they complete the application form online.

Members looking for an estimate of their benefits should access the SPPA secure Online Services.

Chris Alliston
Senior Manager - HR and Workforce Development

Business Planning Guidance

Created: 17/2/21

Guidance for preparation of the 2021/22 service business plans is available via Connect home page.

Guidance and template documents are stored in this folder: Connect -> Documents & Forms -> Strategy & Policy 

Rose Hetman
Legal & Governance

Employee Change of Bank Details 

Created: 09/2/21

We have a strict process to follow when employees wish to change their bank account details. To minimise the risk of fraud, we do not accept emails or phone calls regarding changes.

The two ways you can change your bank details are:

  • through iTrent Employee Self Service.
  • in person at Kilncraigs with photo ID. However please note that due to Covid restrictions, you will have to contact payroll beforehand to arrange a time to come in and make the changes. 

Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme

Created: 04/2/21

If you are a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), you can now access a Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) scheme, facilitated by our partners AVC Wise.

What is a Shared Cost AVC scheme?

This is an efficient way to top up your pension pot, providing both Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) relief.

The extra NIC savings you make can be reinvested into your Shared Cost AVC pot. This pot of money will be invested according to your investment choices and could therefore grow as time goes on. 

By topping up your pension pot, this means you could potentially retire early or with more money. 

You find out how much your Shared Cost AVC could be worth at retirement by using AVC Wise's new calculator tool at

You can find out more information about the Shared Cost AVC scheme in the short video above. 

To contact AVC Wise, you can email, call 01259 784546 or visit their website at to use the live chat service. 

Lateral flow testing

Created: 04/2/21

A number of staff groups are starting to fall within the Scottish Government's programme of Lateral Flow Testing for Coronavirus and more are likely to follow in the coming weeks and months.  

Please see below important information that our colleagues in NHS Forth Valley's Public Health Team have asked us to share regarding these tests.

7 key messages about Asymptomatic (no symptoms) Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) rapid testing: 

  1. Some people who spread COVID-19 may have no symptoms.
  2. Testing people who have no symptoms with rapid Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) can identify many of these people.
  3. Testing only detects some (not all) of those infectious at that moment in time. A person may test negative but become positive and infectious a couple of hours later.
  4. Everyone should act as if they are infectious by strictly observing face protection, 2-metre social distancing, hand and other cleaning and always remember to adhere to Government FACTS advice at all times, even in breaks and after work.
  5.  Anyone with a new cough, fever, loss of smell or loss of taste must seek Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) laboratory testing and they and their household should self-isolate whilst waiting for the PCR results even if they have an LFT and it is negative.
  6. Testing is an additional layer in protecting ourselves and others. Encouraging Vaccination, observing FACTS and staying at home unless essential to go out are everyone’s responsibility.
  7. People who have been vaccinated may still be able to transmit Covid-19 and therefore they should participate in LFD testing if this is available to them.

Parental Employment Support for Staff 

Created: 27/1/21

Parental Employment Support (PES) supports those with parental responsibilities who are already in the workplace to increase their household income or support those looking to get back into the workplace through Key Worker support provided by the Clackmannanshire Works team.

You can find out more about PES and if your are eligible on the Parental Employment Support (PES) section of Keeping Staff Connected.

Staff vaccinations


Some of our staff are included in the groups who are receiving their vaccination.  In order that we have an accurate picture across Council services, if you are in one of those groups please can you email to confirm the date of vaccination and the date you are due to get your second dose.  This will be recorded on iTrent.

We would also ask all staff to ensure that their contact details on iTrent are up to date. There have been situations where we have had to provide lists of staff to take up vaccine supplies at short notice which may otherwise have gone to waste and in this case. For this to be effective, we will need to contact staff so it is important that all contact details are correct on iTrent.  This is also important to allow effective track and trace should any positive cases be identified in any of our workplaces.  

Thank you for your ongoing co-operation.

Changes to period of self-isolation 

Created: 11/12/20

The Scottish Government announced today (Friday) that they will be reducing the period of self-isolation for people who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

From Monday 14th December the self-isolation period will be 10 days instead of the current 14 days. This also applies to people who are returning home from overseas or arriving in the country.

The change has been made following a review of the latest evidence and discussions between the 4 UK Chief Medical Officers.  

From Monday (14 December):

  • anyone who has been contacted through Test and Protect – including by the Protect Scotland app – or their Local Health Board and have been notified to self-isolate, should do so for 10 days.
  • anyone who is required to quarantine following arrival into Scotland from overseas, should self-isolate for a period of 10 days.
  • anyone who was previously instructed to self-isolate will, from 14 December, be able to stop self-isolating ten days from when they were first notified to do so.

You can find out more information on the Scottish Government website. If you have any further queries or concerns, please contact your direct line manager in the first instance.

The Scottish Government website contains further information on how contact tracing works and on international travel and quarantine rules.

Covid responsibilities

Created: 30/11/20

A reminder to staff about expectations in relation to Coronavirus is available by following the link. 


Created: 2/11/20

For instructions on how to set up your phone at home, please refer to the setting up your equipment page.

Clacks Guest Wi-Fi access

Created: 30/9/20

A guest access Wi-Fi system is operational at Kilncraigs and we are working our way through other locations. The Clacks Guest internet service is only intended for providing guest internet access on the personal devices of council staff, guests and external users.

For more information, please refer to the Connect Clacks Guest article dated 14 August 2020. If the link doesn't work for you, please visit Connect -> Home -> Announcements -> Clacks Guest Wi-Fi update.


Visitors to council buildings: Test and Protect contact tracing

Created: 1/9/20

We have developed a QR code for each facility to ensure compliance with Test and Protect information for contact tracing.

Visitors should scan the QR code with their phone and fill in the requested details - name, home postcode and contact number this is then automatically transferred to a centralised database should we require the information. All details are automatically deleted after 21 days.

If any of your visitors do not have a phone please take a note of their name, home postcode and contact number and email this to on the same day they were in your facility and we will manually add to the database.

Visitors who are just coming into a facility to pay a bill or drop something off do not require to give us this information however if they are coming in to meet with someone, browse library books, or are in the building for 10 minutes or more they should leave their details.

Staff do not need to use this we have their details on the Paxton swipe system.

Due to the quick turnaround on this, paper copies will go to reception areas in the first instance until we receive the delivery of the wipeable plastic signs.

All QR codes have been tested all are working. Any queries or further information please call Karen Kirkwood on X 2537.