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School Transport FAQs

School Transport FAQs

Updated 10/3/21

I would rather take my child to school during Covid-19, can I do this?

Yes, you do not need to take up the offer of transport. To ease congestion in and around schools children and their parents/carers are encouraged to travel to school on foot, bike or scooter if possible.

Can my child travel on other dedicated school transport?

No. Pupils must only travel on the transport that has been allocated to them. This will avoid any capacity issues.

Will there be social distancing on school transport?

Where possible seating arrangements will be modified so that pupils are sitting alone. In most cases this will mean that neighbouring seats will be empty. Seats which are out of use will be clearly marked.

What mitigations are in place on my child’s transport?

  • Vulnerable passengers or those self-isolating due to contact with someone with symptoms should not to travel.
  • Parents should ensure their children’s hands are clean prior to boarding school transport.
  • All children and young people irrespective of age should wear face coverings on all school transport.
  • Where possible seating arrangements will be configured to ensure that neighbouring seats next to pupils are cordoned off.
  • Enhanced cleaning of vehicles.
  • Vehicle will travel with windows open where possible or air conditioning switched on to assist with ventilation.
  • Passengers asked to remain seated and not swap seats while vehicle in motion.
  • The consumption and sharing of food and drink is not allowed.
  • Children and young people should be encouraged to carry tissues on home to school transport.
  • Passengers should travel with their bags on their knees.

Do I need to reserve a seat on school transport?

If your child is entitled to free home to school transport, there is no requirement to reserve a seat as they will be allocated transport in accordance with Education’s Home to School Transport policy.

My child is showing symptoms, can they travel?

Children, young people and adults must not board dedicated school or public transport if they, or a member of their household, have symptoms of Covid-19.

If a child or young person develops symptoms while at school they will be sent home. They must not travel on regular home-to-school transport. The school will contact the parent/carer who should make appropriate and safe arrangements to collect the child or young person.

In this situation, the wearing of a face covering by the child or young person on the journey home is strongly advised.

What enhanced cleaning measures will be put in place?

Frequent thorough cleaning will be carried out paying particular attention to all hand contact surfaces areas such as doors, handrails, seatbelts etc.

Does my child need to wear a face covering on dedicated school transport?

Effective from 31 August, face coverings should be worn by all pupils travelling on school transport (subject to exemptions). Please note that any face coverings left on the transport will be disposed of by the operator and not be retained as lost property.

Do drivers and adults travelling on dedicated school transport need to wear a face covering?

Drivers operating on passenger transport services are not required to wear a face covering where there is a partition between the person/employee and members of the public. Where there is no partition there will be seats marked as unavailable for use directly behind the driver to maintain physical distancing. Drivers of taxis and minibuses will be required to wear face coverings.

Any adults travelling by dedicated school transport should conform with the requirements for public transport (1 metre distancing with the wearing of face coverings).

We recognise that the circumstances of many children with Additional Support Needs require adult carers to travel with the children, often in close proximity. In general, it is advised that these adults should be very alert to symptoms, and should wear face coverings as a general rule. However, this should be balanced with the wellbeing and needs of the child, recognising that face coverings may limit communication and could cause distress to some children.

Any face coverings or PPE will be covered in individual pupil risk assessments.

Will my bus be at a different time?

In most cases transport will be at the usual times. Please regularly check the council website for further information and any updates. Timetables for the large bus journeys are available by following the link.

My child travels on a taxi – do they need to wear a face covering or physically distance?

As with dedicated school bus and coach services, physical distancing requirements are not necessary. Face coverings must be worn and it is recommended that in private hire vehicles (which are typically saloon cars) children and young people travel on the back seat.

If a child is travelling alone, it is recommended that they sit in the back left hand seat of the car.

What additional measures will be in place for ASN Transport?

As a general rule transport arrangements are the same as mainstream, however individual assessments may be required to be carried out on a child-to-child basis.

My Child needs an escort what additional measures will be in place?

Escorts will have to sit 1m away from driver and pupils were possible (individual seating layouts may need to be reviewed), wearing of face coverings and gloves are mandatory for escorts.

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