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Key Role for Partnership Childminding in Extended Early Learning

Published on:


February 2020

From August 2020, the number of hours of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) all 3 and 4 year olds and some 2 year old children can receive is increasing to 1,140 hours a year, giving families choice on when and where they can use it.   This follows a commitment by the Scottish Government to the near doubling of entitlement, with the aim of providing high quality, flexible early learning and childcare that is accessible and affordable for all families. 

It’s your choice which providers you choose to deliver this Early Learning and Childcare for your family, and this includes professional childminders near you, who deliver a flexible, high-quality childcare service in partnership with the Council.

Childminding is consistently rated by the Care Inspectorate as being one of the highest quality forms of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland. The low adult-to-child ratio enables the childminder to tailor their care to best suits the needs of the child and their family. 

The benefits of childminding include:

  • flexible and can be blended with other forms of childcare (i.e. nursery) to provide ‘wrap-around’ childcare
  • enables children to learn and play with other ages – providing opportunities to enhance early learning, confidence and social development – and supports parents, families and communities
  • is particularly helpful in supporting children with additional support needs or children who may struggle in a larger setting
  • provides strong continuity of care and follows the eight Wellbeing Indicators (GIRFEC) for all children in Scotland

Angela Cowbrough’s son is looked after by partner childminder Louise Nimmo.  “Both my children have been with Louise from 6 months old.  They have thrived in the childminding environment and they love Louise.  Louise has provided excellent care for my boys and she treats them like family and not just mindees.  The blended childcare is great and it allows Nairn to continue being with Louise and the other children in her care, whilst experiencing the new environment at Craigbank nursery class “

Louise Nimmo is one of 13 partner childminders in Clackmannanshire.  She said: “I have been a childminder for 14 years.  I love the fact I can provide a safe and warm environment for children in my care.  They are not my mindees, they are an extended part of my family and I love them all very much.  I have a great relationship with each of the families.  Being a funded provider enables me to enhance my business and offer my existing families and new families this wonderful opportunity.  Some children can’t settle into a nursery environment and a childminder can offer a more personal one to one care.”

Partnership childminders can deliver a child’s funded Early Learning and Childcare hours, either in full or as part of a ‘blended care’ approach in combination with another ELC approved setting, such as a nursery. 

Any childminder who wants to find out more about coming into partnership with Clackmannanshire Council should contact

Information about our current partner childminders can be found at on the Council website.

For further information and guidance on how to access part or all of your funded entitlement with a childminder, please visit Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) website or call 01786 449063.