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Changes to Blue Box Collection

Changes to Blue Box Collection

Frequently asked questions

What should I do with my blue box?

You are welcome to use the box for your own household needs, but if you want the box removed, please contact the Council.

Why have you made this change?

This change was made following a decision at Council and public engagement, to protect essential services and improve financial sustainability.  The collection of these items is not a service that the council has a statutory duty to provide, and there are councils throughout Scotland who do not provide this service.

How will this save money?

The cost of running the service will reduce as fewer vehicles and staff will be required to provide the remaining kerbside, food collection service.

Won’t this lead to more fly-tipping?

Communal bins will be provided and located across the county to allow residents to dispose of their glass at convenient locations.

Are you stopping or changing collection of food waste?

No, food waste will continue to be collected weekly.

You’re reducing the service – why should I continue to pay council tax?

Council tax funds around 19p for every £1 the council spends or invests in local services. The booklet that was sent to all households has information on how funding is spent.

What am I supposed to do with the stuff I used to put in blue box?

Textiles and electricals can be taken to Forthbank Recycling Centre, and second hand and charity shops may also accept them.

How can people without transport take these items for recycling?

Over the forthcoming weeks, additional communal glass bins will be provided in order that every resident (in urban areas) has a bottle bank within walking distance of their home.

How can elderly or disabled people who can’t get out take these items for recycling?

If you are eligible for the assisted collection service, your collection will continue on a 4 weekly basis, and we will contact you directly about this.

Can I put these items in my green bin?

No. Your green bin may not be lifted if it contains materials which can be recycled.

Are you stopping collection of brown bins?

Following a decision at council and public engagement, a permit scheme will be introduced for garden waste in 2020. Full details and advance notice will be provided to residents before this change happens.

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