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Three Weekly Green Bin Collection

Three Weekly Green Bin Collection

Why the move to 3 weekly green bin collections?

Successful recycling now means the quantity of green bin waste sent to landfill has reduced from 12,150 tonnes in 2008 to a projected 7,900 tonnes last year, a reduction of approximately one-third.

Having less green bin waste in every bin means our lorries are not full at the end of the working day because we still have to travel the full length of every collection route to pick up bins that are not full. This is inefficient and we must make this change to keep our operating costs down and maximise the use of our lorries and manpower resources.

We are not the first council to make this change. The experiences of other councils who have made a similar change also identified there was an increase in recycling when they moved to 3 weekly green bin collection.

Will I manage with my bin?

Some families may be concerned they might not have enough space in their Green Bin.

Provided your household is correctly using all of the recycling services, including the weekly food waste collection the standard 240 litre bin will be more than adequate.

The range of recycling services we now provide gives more capacity for your waste than ever before.

Research by Zero Waste Scotland and evidence from other councils already operating 3-weekly collections demonstrates that for the average household the standard bin size of 240 litres will be enough for the three weekly collection.

Currently householders are issued with a
  • Green 240 litre bin for waste that cannot be recycled or composted
  • Blue 240 litre bin for recycling paper, cardboard, metal cans and tins, plastic bottles, pots and tubs.
  • Brown 240 litre bin for garden plant waste
  • Blue box for glass bottles and jars, small electrical items and batteries
  • Clear bag for clothing, shoes, bags and textiles (no duvets please)
  • Silver caddy for food waste

Applying for additional bin space

The Council will meet the genuine needs of all households requiring additional bin space provided the recycling services are being fully used.

Applications for additional bin space can be made in the following circumstances:

  • green bin - households with 4 or more permanents residents, or where there are two children in nappies (nappies should be bagged and wrapped).
  • blue bin - households with 5 or more permanent residents
  • households where additional waste is produced due to medical issues.

We will ask about your circumstances and verify your entitlement when you apply for additional bin space.

Please note that additional green bin space will only be provided where all recycling containers provided are fully utilised. 

Applications for any other reason will be assessed by a Waste Officer who will arrange a visit to discuss individual requests and advise on the use of the recycling services.

To apply for additional bin space or request a recycling box, food caddy and bags please use the form for additional bin capacity.

People will fly tip and it will attract vermin. What will the council do about that?

There are a number of councils who are already on three weekly and monthly green bin collections. Through inter council networking there have been no reports of increased fly tipping.

Vermin are most likely to be attracted by food. As we deliver a weekly food collection service and if the service is used correctly, we do not anticipate an increase in reports of vermin. If additional food caddies are required please call the Contact Centre using the details below.

My bin will smell - What will the council do about it?

There are 3 common sources that would cause your green bin to smell.

  1. Food waste has the potential to smell if it is left in your green bin and not bagged properly. To get round this a weekly food collection service is available. More information is available on our food waste collection page.
  2. Nappy waste can be an issue for families. The best solution is to tightly wrap them up in plastic. Families where nappies are an issue can also apply for a larger bin.
  3. Dog waste should also be tightly wrapped in plastic bags.

Will I get a reduction in my council tax now my green bin is only collected every three weeks?

No, Council tax has been frozen for the last few years and all councils are currently challenged to look for savings.Council tax revenue and other funding from central government goes towards the cost of many essential services such as education and social work. Only a very small percentage is spent on waste and recycling.

What is the cost of disposing of a green bin of waste?

A household who participates effectively with the recycling collections has a residual waste disposal cost of approximately £28.17 per annum. Whereas a household that does not participate effectively costs approximately £41.77 in waste disposal costs per annum. This is a difference of £13.60 per household per annum.

What evidence is there that reducing green bin collections improves recycling rates and efficiency?

Evidence from local authorities that have moved to three weekly collection, or reduced bin sizes and retained fortnightly collection, supports changing householder behaviour towards greater participation with recycling services and improvements in service efficiency and recycling rates.

Typical of these changes are:
a. Falkirk Council moving to 60 litres per week on a four-weekly waste service.
b. Fife Council has 70 litres per week on a fortnightly service using smaller 140 litre bins.

Clackmannanshire will provide 80 litres per week per household retaining 240 litre green bins on a three weekly collection cycle.

Why not have smaller lorries?

On each collection run we aim for full bins for a full shift that will result in a full lorry.
The size of each run is determined by how many bins can be emptied in a day. The time taken to empty a full bin and a half full bin is the same. At present we have a large number of green bins on each run that are not full. This is inefficient.

Why not have fewer lorries ?

When implemented we will reduce the number of lorries.

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