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Household Waste & Recycling

Household Waste & Recycling

For the latest updates during Coronavirus, please follow this link to our Waste and Recycling information page.

Information and online booking link is also available on our Re-opening of Forthbank Recycling Centre page.

Containers and Bins

We supply the following waste containers to householders:

  • A Blue bin collected fortnightly for paper, cardboard, plastic, tins and cans
  • A Grey caddy collected weekly for all types of food
  • A Green bin for material that currently cannot be recycled
  • A Brown bin collected seasonally for garden material if you have purchased a permit

Communal glass recycling points are available throughout Clackmannanshire.

On collection day

  • You can now use our Bin/Waste Collection calendar to find your waste collection date.
  • The blue and green bins and food caddy should be placed on the kerbside for 6.30am (bin handles should be facing road).
  • Please ensure all bin and caddy lids are closed to prevent litter and reduce accidents caused by overfilled bins falling from the collection vehicle.
  • Please avoid unnecessary obstruction by removing your waste bins and caddy from the kerbside as soon as practical.
  • Excess waste is not lifted, but you may request a Bulky Uplift or use the Forthbank Recycling Centre in Alloa.
  • Properties which lack the facilities to recycle, such as blocks of flats, will be included as soon as it is practical.

Report Missed Bins

If your bin has not been emptied then please check to see if it has a tag explaining the reason. We cannot empty bins if they contain the wrong materials. Your bin may have been tagged because it;

  • is too heavy
  • ​is overfilled and the lid is up
  • contains the wrong materials (contamination)

If this is the case please rectify the problem and we will return to empty your bin on the next scheduled collection date.

If it is after 4pm and there is no tag then we may genuinely have missed it. If this is the case please follow the advice on the missed bin collection web page.

Please note that if bins are missed or collections are subject to delay, bins should be left presented from 6.30 am to 5.00 pm each weekday until we can return.

Help with taking your bin out

If you cannot present your bin/box, we may do this for you if there is no-one else in your household to do this.

You can apply for this using the form for assisted collections or alternatively contact us using the details at the bottom of this page. An officer will call and check if you are eligible for this service.

Applying for additional bin space

The Council will consider the needs of  households requiring additional bin space provided that recycling services are being fully used.

Applications for additional bin space can be made in the following circumstances:

  • green bin - households with 6 or more permanent residents, or where there are two children in nappies (nappies should be bagged and wrapped). 
  • blue bin - households with 5 or more permanent residents
  • households where additional waste is produced due to medical issues.

We will ask about your circumstances and verify your entitlement when you apply for additional bin space.

Please note that additional green bin space will only be provided where all recycling containers provided are fully utilised. 

Applications for any other reason will be assessed by a Waste Officer who will arrange a visit to discuss individual requests and advise on the use of the recycling services.

Please note that entitlement to additional bin space will be reviewed periodically, normally every two years.

To apply for additional bin space or request a food caddy please use the form for additional bin capacity.

Additional information

  • Our FAQs page has more information on the collection service.

For Further Information Contact

Waste Services
Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa, FK10 1EB
Tel: 01259 450000