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What we've achieved in 2015/2016

What we've achieved in 2015/2016

In the last financial year the council have invested nearly £5.5 million on key projects improving the condition of the Housing stock within Clackmannanshire. The key contracts that were completed in 2015-16 are detaialed below:

Work Completed 2015/16
ProjectNumber of Houses Completed
Bathroom Replacement 101 Houses Completed
Bathroom Replacement 19 Houses Completed
Kitchen Replacement 88 Houses Completed
Major Adaptations29 Houses Completed
Damp Rot Eradication41 Jobs Completed
Front Door Replacements4 Houses completed
Central Heating723 homes upgraded with new central heating system with "A" Rated combi boiler
Safe Electrical Upgrade177 Houses Completed
Houses with Roof and Wall Replacement50 Homes
Roof Replacement 25 Homes
Roughcast/Cladding Replacement43 Homes
Secure Door Entry Upgrade25 Common Blocks of flats were upgraded including 92 council tenants
Periodical Electrical Testing Programme189 Houses completed in total
Fencing Replacement Alloa Bowmar121 back garden fencing upgrades completed
Asbestos Testing101 Tests Competed
Asbestos Removal Works189 Houses
Fire House - Rebuild - 80 Caroline Crescent AlvaRebuild of a fire damaged non-traditional weir multicon property - mid terraced
Stock Condition Surveys250 Homes Surveyed
Refurbishment to Purchased Properties19 Houses Refurbished
Window Replacement Programme129 Houses Completed
Demolition - 21-39 The Orchard Tullibody10 Units Demolished

Our Performance in Achieving the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

As reported in 2004 the Scottish Government announced that all social landlords have to meet the national standards for housing condition. The Sottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS).

As at 31 March 2016 a total of 4827 properties meet the SHQS out of a total stock of 4968, this equates to 97.3% of all council owned stock.

The remaining challenge for Clackmannanshire Council in meeting the SHQS is to upgrade the remaining 97 kitchens that still need to be replaced. An upgrade has not been possible due to tenant refusals. These have been refused on a few occasions since 2006. They are programmed for replacement in 2016/17 and will be completed by the end of July 2016.

Secure door entry replacements are still required. We have 37 Council properties within 25 shared blocks where the Council are in minority ownership. To date agreement to upgrade has not been reached with sharing private owners despite grant assistance being made available.

A total of 7 properties fail the SHQS due to structural disrepair. This includes a structural failing to a stone gable wall in Tillicoultry.. This work is scheduled to be undertaken late April 2016. There are also a total of 6 flats in Alloa Town centre failing due to defective wall fabric. The Council properties are in minority ownership within these blocks and agreement with sharing common owners needs to be reached for a programme of works to be agreed.

SHQS Compliance as at April 2015 and 2016
SHQS Number of Properties failing  Percentage Compliant 
Tolerable Standard00100%100%
Free From Serious Disrepair0799.9%100%
Energy Efficiency00100%100%
Modern Facilities & Services31097

Health, Safe & Secure683799.3%99.6%

Our Progress in Achieving The Local Clackmannanshire Standard-April 2016

In 2006 Clackmannanshire Council made a commitment to exceed the SHQS by setting out an enhanced Local Clackmannanshire Standard over and above the Scottish Housing Quality Standard. This was been met by the agreed deadline of 31 of May 2015.

All properties have had a new entrance door fitted compliant with the Police Approved "Secured By Design" standards.

All tenants have been offered a replacement kitchen across the housing stock within our improvement programmes. The remaining 97 kitchen upgrades previously refused on our programme have now been offered a further opportunity to upgrade. This work is being carried out by Clackmannanshire Council's Property Contracts Unit. A total of 88 kitchens were replaced last year through this programme by our own Council trades.

Every tenant has now been offered a new upgraded bathroom with an enhanced specification including an electric shower, internal decoration, wall boards and cushioned vinyl flooring. Previous refusals in the programme are now being programmed for upgrade by our own Council trades.

Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) Progress

The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) was launched by the Scottish Government in March 2014. This is a new energy efficiency rating for all Social Housing to be achieved by May 2020; it aims to encourage landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock. It may also help reduce the energy costs for our tenants.

As at April 2016, Clackmannanshire Council is 63% compliant with the new EESSH standard. Failures as at March 2016 are mainly due to our remaining non-traditionally built housing stock, previous central heating refusals within our Capital Programme, coal and electrically central heated properties and housing with older heating systems replaced prior to 2006.

The council are in a good position moving forward to achieve the EESSH standard by the Governments deadline of 2020. This will be possible given the continued investment to upgrade the heating systems within the Capital Programme.


The council have been successful in bids for significant grant funding via Scottish Government since 2012. This has allowed us to accelerate our heating replacement programme. It has also provided funding for upgrades to non-traditionally built housing stock within areas such as Bowmar Alloa, Carseview, Schaw Court in Sauchie, Devonway and Mary Place in Clackmannan and Parklands Place Forestmill. This has enhanced our overall EESSH score.

In 2016/17 funding has been secured to upgrade additional non-traditionally built Weir Timber houses in Westercroft Alva, Steel framed properties at Baingle and Stirling Road Tullibody and Coalsnaughton. Works are currently underway and are on schedule for this phase and due to finish on the 30th of June 2016.

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