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Instrumental Music Tuition Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instrumental Music Tuition Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply for instrumental tuition for my child?

Application for tuition can be made by completing our CM11 application form for instrumental music tuition which can be downloaded from this page. This form is also available from all school offices or by contacting us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Once we have received your application form, your child will then be added to the waiting list for the instrument they have expressed an interest in.

When a place becomes available, we will make arrangements for an instrumental tutor to contact your child at school in order to carry out an evaluation on your child's suitability to the instrument requested. This is not an evaluation of your child's musical ability.

At what age can a child start instrumental music tuition?

Application for music tuition can be made from P1 up to S6, but pupils must be physically able to manage the instrument.

Brass and woodwind pupils are usually able to start around P4/5 once second teeth are in place.

Violin and 'cello pupils may start before this as the instruments come in a series of sizes.

How long is the waiting list?

The waiting list varies for each instrument and depends on available places, instruments and tutor time.

How long will each lesson last?

A lesson will last around 30 minutes and pupils are taught in groups.

How many lessons will my child receive per year?

There will be a minimum of 30 lessons per academic year although it is possible that more than this minimum number of lessons will be provided.

What happens if my child does not receive the minimum of 30 lessons?
  1. If lessons are missed for any of the following reasons, the lessons will be made up to the guaranteed 30 lessons per year:
    • Teacher absence
    • School closure due to weather or other emergency
    • In-service days
    • Polling days
    • School excursions
    • Monday bank holidays - if in a normal teaching week
  2. If lessons are missed for any of the following reasons, the lessons will not be made up and these lessons will be included in the 30 lessons and will be chargeable:
    • Pupil illness
    • Pupil is at school but does not attend timetabled lesson
    • Pupil has forgotten instrument and/or music

If your child does not receive 30 lessons by the end of the year, and it is not due to any reason listed in section 2, appropriate reimbursement will be made.

Do I need to supply my child with an instrument?

No. Most instruments are available on loan from Clackmannanshire Council.

If your child has the loan of a Clackmannanshire Council Instrument, you will be required to complete a form agreeing to certain conditions.

Do I have to pay for the loan of a Council instrument?

No. There is no charge for the loan of the instrument.

The borrower must, however, meet the replacement/service cost of lost or/and damaged instruments.

The instrument must be returned to Clackmannanshire Council if for any reason the lessons are ceased.

How often should my child practise?

A scheduled, daily practise time should be a minimum of 15 minutes per day in the early stages, increasing as progress is made to a minimum of 30 minutes.

How can I support my child's practise?

Parents themselves may not be musicians, but they can support their child by

  • offering praise and encouragement,
  • monitoring practise times,
  • reminding your child to practise new work first,
  • suggest practising more slowly in short sections if wrong notes and hesitations keep recurring,
  • checking notes written by the tutor in the record of work book and ensuring your child has accurately read them.
When will I be billed?

Invoices are issued directly from Education Business Support. A direct debit mandate will be issued with the invoice enabling you to pay in 10 instalments of £52.40 (or £11.75 concessionary rate).

(Families in receipt of free school meals are eligible for free music tuition).

Anyone entering the scheme during the academic year will be invoiced once lessons commence and fees will be adjusted to the amount of lessons still available.

How do I pay?

Instructions on ways to pay are printed on the back of the invoice you will receive. The following payment options are available

Please do not send money to Music Development.

What if my child wishes to cease lessons?

Parents/carers should inform the tutor in writing the reason for stopping and return the Council instrument.

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