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Corporate Procurement Process

Corporate Procurement Process / Policy "The Procurement Journey"

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Unknown document file Procurement Form 1. This RFQ/tender authorisation must to be completed/submitted by the contract responsible officer, before any tender process commences or to take part in any national or collaborative contract. Services must ensure an approval signatures prior to submission and any advertising or contact with potential suppliers. This must be completed for all contractual arrangements with a value of 10K or above over the lifetime of the requirement. - Download 6246.docx (126.38 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Contract Strategy Guidance - Download 5257.doc (187.5 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Contract Strategy Template - Used for all Regulated procurement Exercises with a value above £50k. This should be attached to the Procurement Form 1. This shall identify whether the requirements can best be met by using an existing contract or Framework Agreement, by a Collaborative Procurement, or by establishing a new contract. - Download 5258.doc (521.5 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Request for Quote (RFQ) or Quick Quote Template. This RFQ document should only be used for contracts with and estimated value of between £10,000 and £49,999 Procurement Route 1 - Download 5921.doc (1.8 Mb)

Download Adobe Acrobat file The ESPD (Scotland) should be used for all regulated procurement selection stage questions. The Council can issue selection stage questions either in advance of an ITT, as part of a two stage process, or within an ITT document, a one stage process. This is to allow the Council to identify suitably qualified and experienced bidders, and to ensure consistency in their approach to selection. The Selection Stage should allow you to identify suitably qualified and experienced bidders. Selection criteria should be proportionate to the value of the purchase, its sensitivity, estimated risks, and the complexity of the requirement. From 9 April 2018, an electronic version of the ESPD (Scotland) will be incorporated into Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) and will be available for you to use. This electronic version of the ESPD (Scotland) is known as the “online ESPD (Scotland) module on PCS”. The online ESPD (Scotland) module on PCS will allow you to select all of the exclusion and selection criteria required for your procurement exercise from pre-populated lists and include additional information where required e.g. for insurance levels you can enter the value of insurance levels needed for your procurement process. This change means that all ESPD information will be held in this self-contained on-line ESPD (Scotland) module, and therefore minimum requirements, exclusion and selection criteria information do not need to be added to the Contract Notice and cross referenced to an ESPD (Scotland) question. - Download 5794.pdf (1.71 Mb)

Microsoft Word file GUIDANCE ON STANDARDISED STATEMENTS These statements have been developed in order to assist Procurement Officers in setting out selection criteria and minimum standards in a consistent way, providing a clear link between the selection criteria set out the Contract Notice and the questions which bidders will be required to respond to in the ESPD (Scotland). - Download 5649.doc (198 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Procurement Form 1B. Dual or Restricted Tender ESPD Shortlist Recommendation Report to be completed following the evaluation against the pre determined and pre advertised evaluation criteria. Once complete and signed off a copy must be submitted to the legal Officer to provide sufficient information to enable the officer to send rejection and letters to Candidates who have been recommended to be short listed to receive an Invitation to Tender - Download 5903.doc (138.5 Kb)

Microsoft Word file WORKS ITT - Tender documents for All Works and Construction contracts with a value above 50k Procurement Route 2 and 3 - Download 5920.doc (380 Kb)

Microsoft Word file GOODS AND SERVICES ITT - Tender documents for All Goods and Services contracts with a value above 50k Procurement Route 2 and 3 - Download 5919.doc (393 Kb)

Unknown document file Procurement Form 2. The Contract Award Report requires to be completed/submitted, after the tender evaluation has been completed or before a direct award can be made. Services must ensure an approval signature prior to submission to the Service Accountant for financial sign off and then the legal Officer who will issue a tender award letter. No contract can take place with the successful supplier until all documentation has been completed and an official Purchase order and award letter is sent to the supplier. - Download 6289.docx (125.36 Kb)

Unknown document file Tender Evaluation tool - to be used for all tender evaluations irrespective of value. - Download 5951.xls (99 Kb)

Unknown document file New Supplier Request Guidance Notes - Download 6091.docx (17.19 Kb)

Unknown document file TechnologyOne New Supplier request form to send to supplier. The information contained within this form will allow the Council to finalise the supplier record which will then enable Purchase Orders to be issued to you and invoices paid. The Council operate a NO Purchase Order NO Payment policy - Download 6093.xlsx (33.96 Kb)

Unknown document file TechnologyOne New Supplier request form for Internal use only - Download 6092.xlsx (20.36 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Authorised Signatory Form - Delegated Financial Approval Authority form. No officer of the Council should undertake or authorise transactions for which they do not have authority delegated. Contracts Standing Orders state that only those who have been delegated a budget or have formal delegated authority to commit expenditure can delegate further. The method of delegating authority to Council Officers for financial related transactions is through the completion of an authorised signatory form. The authorised signatory form lists categories of transactions that require authority and those that have a financial impact include Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payroll, HR and Imprest transactions. The ASF requires to be signed off by a Director or Head of Service (HOS) - Download 5989.doc (130.5 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Exception Report - CSO's apply to all contracts entered into by procurement officers. However in some circumstances exceptions may be granted All requests must be made in writing, identifying the grounds for the request. Approvals must also be recorded in writing and given prior to any action not in accordance with CSO's being taken. Such exemptions are not necessarily exempt from the application of the specific requirements of the Scottish Regulations, where they apply or any other rule of law. Lack of sufficient planning and / or internal process delays will not constitute special, exceptional or emergency circumstances. - Download 6250.doc (77 Kb)

Download Adobe Acrobat file Government Procurement Card - Barclaycard - Corporate Policy & Procedures Guide - Download 6137.pdf (467.15 Kb)

Unknown document file Purchase Card Log Sheet - Download 6136.xlsx (33.02 Kb)

Microsoft Word file Service Level Agreement (SLA) These terms and conditions should be selected where the purchasing officer is entering into a service level agreement with an approved provider, for generally speaking, a service of general economic interest, in circumstances where there is market failure. For example, it could be used to fund a specific part of a not for profit providers operation, where the outcomes can be monitored. Officers should be mindful that notwithstanding the service being provided, the use of this agreement does not exempt the subject matter from the rules relating to public procurement or state aid. On no account should these be used for the provision of services. These terms and conditions should be used in un-amended form, unless otherwise approved by Legal Services and the Procurement Manager. - Download 4770.doc (208 Kb)

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