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Integrated Mental Health Service Issues and Complaints Procedure

Integrated Mental Health Service Issues and Complaints Procedure

The Integrated Mental Health Service is committed to providing high quality, effective services. The service recognises that in achieving this aim, a key factor is to deal with issues and complaints effectively and ensure learning from them is used to improve our services.

We want to know if there is anything you are not happy about regarding the service we have provided. This might be about the staff, the premises or venue, the information or support provided, etc.

Everyone who receives a service from us will be given the opportunity to complete an evaluation, either at the end of their service or after 6 months of receiving a service. However, we welcome feedback at any time, especially if there is something you are not happy with during the time you are receiving services. We are here to help you and to do this, we need you to tell us if you're not happy about something. It is important that you do this so we can try to improve things for you.

Types of issues and complaints

  • Suggestions
    • Suggestions are most likely to come from formal evaluations and surveys, as well as verbal feedback to members of staff for example "It would be better if there was a rota in place so there is always someone available to take my call".
  • Informal complaints and issues
    • An informal complaint is where someone wants to raise awareness of an issue about a particular aspect of the service but does not want to take it down a formal route for example "Why was there no-one available to take my call".
  • Formal complaints
    • A formal complaint is where someone expects their issue to be investigated and to be provided with a full and formal response for example "I wish to complain that there was no-one available to take my call".

How to raise an issue or make a complaint

You should raise your issue, complaint or suggestions with the person you normally have contact with (i.e. your keyworker). Most complaints and issues should be resolved at that level, however, if this person is unable to resolve the issue then it will go to the next level.

Partner Service

If you have a complaint about services provided by our partners who participate in the Single Referral Pathway you should raise your complaint directly with them using their organisation's Complaints Procedure. Contact details are as follows:

  • Wellbeing Scotland (Counselling Service)
    • Tel: 01324 630100 (Bank Street, Alloa) 

Further information

For further information about our Issues & Complaints Procedure and how to make a complaint, please download our Issues & Complaints leaflet.

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